Learning how to eat intuitively can lead to:

A more positive body image

Improved body appreciation and self esteem

A lower BMI (body mass index)

Improved awareness of signals and sensations in your body

Improved emotional functioning

Improved glycemic control

 A reduction in overeating and binge eating

A reduction in disordered eating

Any time we decide to make a change (like lose weight) because we feel that how we currently are is NOT GOOD ENOUGH, we are leading ourselves astray.  We have it backwards.  We need to love and accept ourselves exactly as we are, and only then will we be naturally motivated to behave in a self-caring way and make choices that nourish us inside and out.


Through a lifetime of collected experiences, we are sold the idea that we need to look a certain way, weigh a certain amount, eat a certain way - in order to be healthy, happy, secure, loved, powerful, successful, financially prosperous, attractive, worthy of friendship and worthy of self love.  

We do all of the things we are supposed to do.  We rely on an external set of criteria to guide us.  We trust in numbers to set and help us reach our goals.  The number on the scale.  The number of calories we should eat in a day.  The number on the clock when we should start and stop eating.  The number on the size tag on our clothes.  The number of carbs, grams of sugar, grams of fat, grams of sodium that we should consume.  The number of servings and portion size of foods that we should and shouldn't eat.

We move away from listening to our bodies telling us what they need, and we follow the guidelines that society imposes on us.  We ignore and eventually forget how to tune into those messages and cues.  

And no matter what we do, no matter how hard we try, we never measure up to the elusive gold standard that our entire happiness and worth depend so heavily on.

We are desperate to reach our goals, and every time we "fail" we feel worse about ourselves.  We feel weak and undisciplined.  We feel ashamed of ourselves and how we look.  We feel scared because so much is at stake.  And every day, our society and culture reinforce that we should feel this way about ourselves.  We become more determined to get back on the wagon and try even harder.  And the cycle starts again.

This cycle will keep us trapped forever, or until we finally see it for what it is:  unachievable, unsustainable and based on a false premise of happiness and hope. 

The great news is... once we expose those lies we’ve been taught and mourn the loss of the identity we believed we needed to build, we can reemerge strong in our own truths: solid, whole, intelligent, worthy of love, happiness and respect, from ourselves and others.

When we embrace these truths -  real change solidifies.  We can learn to make peace with ourselves and call a truce with the battleground that is our body.  We can learn to eat what we love and what satisfies us, as an act of self care.  We can shift away from shame and “not good enough” and requiring ourselves to change just to be acceptable.  We can turn towards self love, kindness and attending to our needs and desires in loving and respectful ways - including what and how we eat, how we move our bodies, how we treat and talk to ourselves.

We can become mentally lighter, freer, more productive, more generous and giving, healthier, when we take care of ourselves first.  We can open up to the idea that health and wellness are interconnected and complex, and so much more than numbers on a scale or a chart.  We can learn to accept that weight loss is not the magic cure-all solution that it was promised to be, and that we can improve our health and well being in so many, gentler ways.

We can learn to listen to our bodies and take the steps we need to care for ourselves inside and out, and we can become healthier and stronger.  We can emerge, as our truly unique selves. 

Are you ready to emerge? 

If any of this speaks to you, rings true to you, or makes you curious to learn more, you are so in the right place!