An 80 minute session where we work together to assess your history with eating, dieting and weight, clarify your goals, outline the basic principles of intuitive eating, and we agree on a solid place to start to get you pointed in the direction you want to be heading.  You will get homework to do and reflect on at our next session. Schedule now


A continuation of the initial consult, we work together step by step to solidify the concepts of intuitive eating and apply them to your life, identifing and gently challenging the obstacles that are blocking the way as they arise.  At the end of each session, you will usually get some homework to guide you until our next session. Schedule now



This includes an 80 minute initial consultation, and two 50 minute follow up sessions, as well as email support as needed. Schedule now



This includes an 80 minute initial consultation, two 50 minute follow up sessions in the first month. Second and third months include two 50 minute sessions with email support as needed. Schedule now

is it for you?

The pathway towards freedom from dieting and re-learning joy and balance in eating is not a quick and easy road that can be mastered in one or two sessions.  You need to practice the skills you learn and cultivate a deeper understanding into the process of re-discovering a whole new way of thinking and behaving around food.  The longer you invest in this process, the greater and more intensely satisfying the rewards will be. 

I offer a FREE 30 minute phone consultation, where we can get to know each other, and I can go over what I offer in more detail, to make sure that we are a good fit and you feel comfortable working with me.  This is a financial investment into your long term health and well-being, and I do not take it lightly.  It is important to me to provide you with the greatest possible personal return on your investment. 

I want to emphasize that my style of practice is not based on the expert/patient model.  I am not the practitioner teaching you how you "should" eat.  

I am here to guide you through the process of re-connecting to yourself and re-discovering your internal body wisdom.  I teach the principles of intuitive eating, but you are the expert of yourself.  We work together at the pace that you set, and you advise me of what works and doesn’t work for you.  I will be supportive, gentle, encouraging, honest and straightforward.  My paradigm is based on using self-compassion and curiosity in place of judgement and criticism.  Our work together will have lots of twists and turns as you learn and discover more about yourself, and every “failure” will be explored with kindness as a valuable and expected learning tool.

Want to learn more?  Email me or schedule your free 30 minute phone consultation now.


I also work with individuals with eating disorders.  In these cases, intuitive eating may not be the best course of action to heal the relationship with food and their bodies – at least not right away.  Other alternative methods may be required to pave the way.  I would love to connect with you to discuss in more detail – if you have questions or would like to know more, please get in touch here